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The Influencers Journey

Mike Raber

Some have called me a non-conformist. From my earliest days, I’ve marched to a different beat! At the young age of 19, I packed my bags and moved from Milwaukee Wisconsin to Taipei Taiwan on a 5 year journey in search of Chinese masters willing to teach me the true secrets behind Chinese cuisine. During my time there, I learned the importance of staying true to my own path. I have lived boldly in some extreme situations, which has assisted me in understanding business, people, and success. I learned to step into the role of primary caregiver to three incredible kids. Additionally, while helping my wife build her successful business, I was building and scaling different businesses of my own. Many of my experiences were filled with great learning moments. As a passionate storyteller, I’m all too happy to share snippets of my personal and professional journeys especially learning to optimize Eastern & Western philosophies and practices for better living. I hope you enjoy this channel.