The Influencers Journey

Discovering your superpower

August 15, 2022 Mike Raber Season 1 Episode 12
The Influencers Journey
Discovering your superpower
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Today, I’m going to take some of the many lessons I shared in the Brilliant Breakthroughs series book 1 and 2 and expand on them with what I believe, it’s going to take to profitably stay in business.  

This will help to increase profit  

2020 is now almost halfway over:

·       How is your business doing? 

·       Are you generating the amount of new leads or clients that you would like?

·       Do your customers or clients look at you as a true trusted advisor, or just another service provider?

·       When asked what you do, do you riddle the person with facts about your business or service, or do you capture their attention through stories woven into your presentation? 

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Oh, and welcome. Welcome to the brilliant breakthrough Small Business Summit. Oh, this number one best selling business book, Siris that is brilliant breakthroughs for the small business owner was dedicated to you, the small business owner. And in that same spirit, we dedicate this summit to you as well. After all, you are the accelerant of our economy. This year's summit is designed for you to focus on your profitability. Small business owner and including this session will have over 15 different perspectives and how you can boost your profits. So sit back, relax and enjoy. Probably take a few notes. It might be beneficial and know that you're right where you need to be if you're ready to become more profitable. And I'd like to say hi small business owners. My name is Maggie Mangan, and I'm the founder of the brilliant Breakthrough Small Business Summit, as well as the founder of the number one best selling business book. Siri's brilliant breakthroughs for the small business owner, fresh perspectives on profitability, people, productivity and finding peace in your business. I'm a tenured master business coach and trainer, and actually, that's why the whole book Siri exists in the first place from what I learned coaching for over 15 years, and I want you to know I'm also the founder of brilliant breakthroughs ink and recognized as a small business success influencer. Wow, Let's get off of me. That's a lot of stuff, so let's get back to why we're here. We're thrilled to have her community of number one best selling business authors share their golden I get so you can have some brilliant breakthroughs for your own business and worth. We're really excited because this is our first online summit, which coincides with small Business Week. We hope you're ready to get some fresh perspectives to improve your performance pillar and profitability. Now let's get started. Today we have with us Mike Raber. Mike Raver. This is a really cool introduction, so I'm going to read it. Word for word. Okay, let's get ready, Mike, Take it in. Take it in. My Craver is a two time number one best selling business author, speaker and coach Mike. Skills and capability of leadership building relationship and growing different successful businesses is phenomenal. Additionally, Mike wrote a book with his young daughter on the secret to raising financial savvy kids. I love that. And of course, all that has helped him become an awesome dad. He would probably say, Father, I'm saying, Dad gone and wealth coach that he is today. And here's what's really important to know about Mike. Here's a Renaissance man. He's built and sold highly profitable businesses, is a serial entrepreneur with an extensive background in real estate, business insurance and financial planning. That's a lot. You're busy guy, aren't you? Oh, yes, But it's not fun. It is all fun. So Mike Superpower is twofold. He deeply listens to people, somehow manages to store everything they say and recalls such information at a time where he can be your best advocate and connect you to whom ever is going to best support you with your goals. Is masterful at making stellar connections within his Amazing Day verse network, and we're not done yet. We're not done yet makes a strong leader who knows how to boldly stepped forward. Joo's a success to stepping forward in a consistent manner throughout his whole life. This even led him to living in Taiwan. Can you believe this? And he learned how to balance the eastern and Western philosophies and practices for better living. Hey, so we're in for a real treat to say, and I think at this afternoon or this morning, depending upon when you're listening to this. But I want to share with you. I think it's safe to say that Mike knows people, period. He also knows how to make some great connections. So welcome, Mike. Can he handle all that? Awesome?

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Most definitely. Thank you, Maggie. It is fun to be here. I'm always excited to talk with listeners and readers through the brilliant breakthrough, Siri's and amazing business owners I'm blessed to work with.

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All right, cool. So, Mike, we're thrilled you're going to take us through a myriad of golden nuggets today to help small business owners improve their profit. Are you ready to start us off? Will follow your lead.

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Perfect. I am. I'm gonna actually first start by recapping some of the lessons I assured and brilliant breakthroughs Book series number one and number two and expand on them with what? I believe it's going to take a profitability state. Probably stay in business.

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Okay, Bring it on.

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Perfect. This will help to increase actually multiple profits and consistency. through. I think profit bills with my favorite pillars because it allows. It's the lifeblood of the business, but they'll profit in the business of business naturally, will dry up and eventually go away. So I'm very passionate about that. Oh, and 2020 20. Being halfway over, I'm gonna ask. You're almost halfway over. Have a couple questions that I want to start the conversation with Number one. How is your business currently doing? Probability wise, etcetera. Are you generating the amount of new leads or clients that you would like? Do your customers or clients look at you as a true, trusted advisor or just now, the service provider? And last, but certainly not least when asked what you do. Do you rid of the person with facts about your business or service? Or do you capture their attention through stories, woman within your presentation or throughout your presentation?

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Who I think these questions are set up for what we're going to be talking about? Most definitely. Okay, bring it on

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perfect in the first book. And if you haven't read the 1st 2 and now third book out there, I highly recommend you do that. That said, in the first books, I talked about the three most common challenges a small business owners face when it comes to maintaining probability in their business. The first challenge being not having a consistent marketing or lead generation system in place. The second being not paying enough attention to the organizational development of your business. Many people get caught up working in their business. And if you get to work on their business,

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uh huh.

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And the third challenge is having a consistent cash flow management for solid financial foundation designed to support the many challenges your business may encounter

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consisting cash flow. Yes, okay, let's bring it on. It's going to be important words, Okay, so all of that is what you talked about in Volume one. That was your chapter in a nutshell. And that's so everybody knows. That's the Blue Book in the series,

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correct. And then in the second book, I talked about six lessons, and really, the second book is a great example of what I'm talking about the day and how to weave stories into your presentation. But in the second book, I identified six key lessons that a business needs to follow in order to grow the level probability in their business. Lesson Number one. Identify your target market. Who is your ideal customer lesson to identify your competitive edge? What are the core strengths or superpowers? But you bring into the business. Lesson three. Identify your value proposition. Why should someone do business with you instead of someone else? Number four. When building a business, build the financial asset. Not just a job. What is the true value of your business? Okay, Number five. Find a more nontraditional approach to how your business is A mentor, ones told me. Figure out what everybody else is doing and do the opposite.

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And that way

spk_1:   8:56
you stay ahead of the curve

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all day long.

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Yes, Number six focused on your wife, and this is really I'm gonna take the conversation. Going forward is what is your mission or purpose behind what you do.

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Okay, Mike, I really love how you had your notes there, because that's a lot of content and it's very specific. So, um, I imagine some people might be going back and rewinding this to take those notes, and I want to share with everyone. The first set of information was from the first book That was Volume One, which is blue. The second book which Mike was talking about his emerald green. So those six lessons are in the green book. So now that we have that other way and we're gonna start going into this whole mission purpose thing, I think your people talk about finding their purpose or passion in their business, and I know that they're different. But a lot of people don't know that they're different, you know, they're different. Tell us how they are, Mike

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Perfect. I think most people, when it comes to discovering their why or purpose in business, that is kind of easier, too fine. Why do we want to do over d'oh? And sometimes it's tied to immediate passion that we have. Other times we may have a passion that is kind of lying in the background. As an example. A few years back I was talking to a business coach and he I was explaining how in my business, even though I was striving forward and diligently working on, but I thought my purpose was and it still is my purpose. The day I kept seeing a glass and I could not break through a certain point of my business. A property ability was suffering because of that. Okay, Then the coach asked me what would you do if your business failed? They had to start over from scratch tomorrow. And I lit up like a Christmas tree. 00 Well, I guess if I had to come up with the next scapegoat, which he thought was a funny term or a plan B, I would be coming over the road truck driver, something I wanted to since I was five years old and he started laughing. What's so funny about that? And he said, I hate to break it to you, but you are a lot more passion about your Plan B than you are about your plan, a or day job.

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But you don't become

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as passionate about your day job while serving your purpose as you do about Plan B. You're gonna continue to hit that glass ceiling. So he suggests that I figure out how to do both and being an outside of the box or Renaissance man. As you said, thinker, I said, Okay, that has to be a way. And I discovered a way to drive some ice part time while working my day job during the day. So I spend my day was serving my purpose purpose, taking care of clients, et cetera, working with small business owners and then an analytical plea was large Tonka trucks. What better way to live than that?

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I Wow, Yeah.

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So it's been really fun. In fact, it's kind of funny how, when we figure out what our passion is, that purpose we tied it to together, it gives us such a particle energy that everything else just flows naturally. I think that's what makes a business really fun.

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Okay, so what did you do? Like I'm sure everybody wants to know. So just tell us, what did you do?

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Well, I would never introduce myself the G E off the Peterbilt dealership in walking Shaw, and he agreed to let me drive Testdrive semi tractors and sometimes with the trailer as well as Waas, take different trucks to in from places which has been doing effort just over two years now. And it's I look at it as the cherry on the sundae that my reward for the end of the day as an example I finished a 12 hour day off, working really hard with various clients and staying true to my purpose. And then though I was tired, I got a call that was attracting to be picked up ASAP. So I went and picked up the truck, not realizing that was a brand new tractor. And was I climbed up inside the truck. Got hit with the second son of any genetic. Ah, this is why I'm live. This is what life is about. And though I was tired, I stayed with an obvious I wasn't so tired. I couldn't do it. Safety is first. Always what? I was there to take it from the company back to where I belong. And it reminded me like a reward for a higher day, sir.

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Okay. All right. So when we meld our passionate or purpose together, it's revitalizes us, right? Correct. Okay, So how does someone discover what their purpose is if they don't already know it? Well, I think a lot

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of times it comes through life to try on air through looking inside ourselves and trying to figure out where where our purpose and passion life. Another great example is I have desire to teach to help business owners grow. So I wanted to design a virtual training platform to let him do that. But I also have a strong passion for Chinese food. Many years ago, like Maggie said, I spent years in Taiwan studying with different Chinese masters on how to prepare healthy, authentic Chinese school and then went to work serving my perp passion purpose and trying to build my business. And they kind of fell by the way, said, and then we side. And then when you and I were talking a while back and you suggested, Why don't you share that passion with the public? But people that, like Chinese food at the same time, would be a great way to learn how to create that bridge of platform. I was able to then use the same skills and resources that I would need to build a coaching platform that I designed to incorporate this course into the platform. So now on the platform, not only do I have my business stuff, which is again part of my purpose, but I have also into a woman in my passion on Chinese food, and there's a really cool course caught your hungry dragon, and it teaches people how to cook healthy, authentic Chinese food. But what's cool is about me to learn the skills that I needed to build a bridge. A platform allowed me to served by Pat Passion around Chinese food and at the same time, because even though it's not part of my again day job as example, my true purpose of what I want the business practice it looked like it allows me to still create a profitable resource to help build a consistency into the financial foundation of the business is going to need to operate from

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okay, so often I hear you talk about, um, a superpower. Yeah, people have superpowers, right? And I know that you compare one's purpose to superpower. Can you tell us a little bit more about that? Because I think it ties into what you're saying right now. I think

spk_1:   16:06
our superpower is more are in line with our inner skill, sets that we have kind of going back to that passion when your passion and your purpose online, it gives you the energy talked about earlier, gives you the ability to really live true. Toa In essence, I could talk about in the second book, Staying True to Your True North and Couple of Christmas Back. My daughter and I were talking and just tell me about some think she's doing at school and she goes, You know, Dad, I think everybody is born with Superpower, and it's our job to take figure out what the superpower is and sure with the world and in thinking more about what she was talking about. It kind of liking it, too. We all have skill sets we all have, and they come in different points of life. And I think often we try to figure out what it is. Maybe before it's ready. We try to step into a superpower before we have the adequate skill sets in place to support that. And then we crashed on board, and funny my wife and I were watching. The kids will be Cloud Sky High the other day, and in the movie it can to make characters in the movie. Were these like Superman and Wonder Woman away. But they weren't, but they became very well known superheroes within the movie, and their son was off the super power super hero, high pants sky high, and one day they were trying off a super hit powers, and he didn't know what his superpower was. He knew that his dad has superhuman strength, like Superman, and his mom could fly. But he had no idea what his superpower Waas and because of that during tryout day, he crash and burn, and they made him a sidekick. Uh, and even though he came from, great resource is he didn't have what it made to get it done. So he became content with being a sidekick, and his friends, one of which also was had her own great superpowers, became a sidekick and, I think, in a way, to support him. And so his friends became content with him being a sidekick. Even his parents, who were agree superheroes, decided that as long as he becomes the best sidekick and that's his being, so be it. And they became content. So he was basically ready to live a life as a sidekick, even though he had the bear to be apart. Awful superhero. Then a couple days are 15 minutes into the movie gets into a fight, and Jim and this other guy with the superpower of throwing fire starts throwing fireballs at him, and he's avoiding the fire boss, a boy and fireballs and long story short. His friends get put in harm's way in in defending his friends because now what's about him? It was about stepping out of himself into his superpower, owning his purpose, owning his passion, warning his inner string. He rose up Mac the table that the guy was on out of the way across the room and discovered that he had superhuman strength. And, of course, the next day he joined the super hero class versus a psychic class. And at the end of the movie, he saved the day in sidekicks under that becoming heroes and heroines spend it up, hanging out with the psychics and everybody was happy. So that made me think about in life. I think it's very similar and how we all have the skill sets. We'll have these superpowers. The question is, is, Do we surround ourselves with other superheroes, other people who have a passion to do great to enhance society, etcetera and together work on improving whatever our mission is, or do we sit back? Wait Hope and wonder. Are we a sidekick or are we a superhero?

spk_0:   19:46
Mm. And I love that story. So thank you for sharing. That was really cool, because sometimes we get so caught up in the seriousness of our business that we forget it could be so simple is all a sudden boop. It happens right there. The key is for us to be paying attention to what is happening. So all of a sudden we could connect it. Don't go. Oh, my gosh. There it ISS. Okay, so I I love this. Thank you so much. Here's my crescent. So if a person knows what their superpower or purpose is, how do they incorporate it into their business? You figured out how to do it. But how do people do it? Other people.

spk_1:   20:35
Well, I think it goes back to marketing be generation prospecting. Other things that wouldn't does to sustain probability in the business is how do you get in front of a client and show the client why they should do business with you if you know what your superpower is. If you know what things you've done throughout your own career too, incorporate those skill sets. We can build stories around them or a phrase that I like to use as marking through metaphors.

spk_0:   21:03
Oh, okay. Cool phrase. Why don't you tell us a little bit about what marketing through metaphors is

spk_1:   21:11
okay. I think that when you are in one way and in the second given example of in a networking event where you have to give a 32nd comer show, okay, rather than just spewing a bunch of facts at the person you use a story, use a metaphor is something that really a person. When you asked me today what is my true superpower, that right there is what it is. I can take a very complex situation, which is probably why I like finances, because I could take a very complex conundrum, challenge a problem and bring it down into a very simple process and then build a story around. So even though the person doesn't fully understand the process, they can relate to the story. And from that learn the process.

spk_0:   21:58
Okay, Cool.

spk_1:   21:59
That would be one example of how you would use it. Another would, And I would give you an example. There's good 32nd commercials. Anybody of you out there who have gone the networking events. And you had to give her 32nd commercial or he had that person come up to you and give a 32nd commercial pretty well. No. When you hear a good one in the

spk_0:   22:21
back. Yes. Yeah. This. Okay, So, Mike, are you gonna give us an example of a bad 32nd commercial?

spk_1:   22:32
Yes. And that is a person who comes up to you and they usually have a stack of business cards in their hands or William Elective playing poker and

spk_0:   22:39
Las Vegas casino. And you make

spk_1:   22:44
the mistake. I'm saying So what is it that you do? And natural responses? Well, my name is Mike Ray Brown with Gloria, the capital of Icers. I were a SEC registered and I said to spill a bunch of facts about our firm and about the financial market at the person which good boy and I'm in a business. I don't see that we do work with 41 K's and IRA's insurance, and we got out of that. And I enjoyed working with business owners because I am able to help bring clarity into the business. But so it's a little bit off facts, but it's still about me, right? Okay. And what if we work together except tricks after? By the way, here's my card. I love to get together for you. Enough coffee and show you Howard from is different from most. And be nice to learn more about your business as well. Oh, it's very much one way me toe you versus a conversation, or at least showing interest in a concern. You may have hooking like fishing, and it's kind of fishing without bait on your hook. You want to bait the hook, then you throw it in the water. Then you really did it.

spk_0:   23:56
Okay, so it's a bad 32nd commercial. It's very one sided, and it's it's a bunch of facts that nobody really cares about. With the exception of, maybe there's that one person. But don't count on it, right. Okay, so what's a really ah, good. 32nd commercial example? Bring it on because now we know what we don't want to do right that we want to do.

spk_1:   24:25
The first thing is you want to pull the person into the conversation so I would start out with an example rather than just talking about who I am or what I do. I was with Maggie. Have you ever found yourself waking up in the middle of the night totally stressed out about money or finances? Found yourself getting into arguments with your spouse or a partner who were finances, or even just wearing about retirement and whether, in ah, you're gonna have what it takes actually retire Well, to be totally honest, so have I. And many of the clients I have worked with. Which is why our firm design very comprehensive program where the very first thing we do is be, particularly with the client and figure out what are those concerns I just talked about? What are those needs and questions that they have? It takes an hour and 1/2 or so off, more or less, I would say 20% of me talking and the rest of you talking and answering and sharing your concern. Then you go home or we separate and I go back to the office, perhaps with myself with a team, and we spend many. I was putting together a very comprehensive plan, designing experience solutions to answer the questions that are important to you. I

spk_0:   25:38
can get

spk_1:   25:38
back together. And I didn't share them with you and at that point often were able to help you with the plan. Because there's something I need to be tweaked. Some time to plan is perfect. And it's a simple Issing. You know what? You're in a perfect situation right now. Keep doing it. Congratulations. You're almost there. And the nice thing about it is, even though we could charge 2500 $3000 were doing such a plan. And many people do. We believe the mission of our firm is to design, grow and protect the personal economy of people all over the world. So if that's our mission, and we're going to stay true to our purpose, right, our mission. Why would we charge you for something that we know if we do our job well and we're not working together is gonna pay for itself over time anyway. So basically, that is Why do Maggie, I'm Mike Raber, and my firm is gonna be the capital visors. And I work with great business owners such as yourself and find out there is a way that I can help you create the solid financial foundation that your business needs to continually bring probability and ongoing profits into your business. If you like to learn more, I will love thee Shermer without a different time.

spk_0:   26:53
Okay, so, Mike, I'm gonna throw ah side ball at you hear? That was more than 30 seconds.

spk_1:   27:01
Yeah, I was, like, a minute. Come on, show.

spk_0:   27:03
It was more like yet go another 30. Okay, so it's it's a really long commercial. It's still not interactive. And I think that's the one thing that people forget is to make it more interactive s more questions. You started that at the beginning. You're asking me Hey, am I up all night? How's my money? And if everything else is rocking, what about retirement, Right, Okay. And then obviously you're going to give that other person a chance to go ahead and answer the question. Then you're gonna move through it. So what you just did was you gave a full 32nd commercial, But parts of that are not gonna always be applicable because it's depending upon what they saying. You go with what they're saying right, reading some of your key points. So I love that it was comprehensive, um, in in your example. But the key to that 32nd commercial is to make it relevant, right? And that's what you're really good at, Mike, when you're talking with people, you know how to take whatever it is they're saying, and, um, take that point of what they're saying and move it deeper into the conversation so you really get to know them. And that's a gift. You realize that, right? So when you're doing that, because I want to ask you this this introduction, this commercial we're talking about, it's so important, right? Yeah, Well, when people start talking, what are you doing when people start talking

spk_1:   28:52
normally, I'm listening for Hey, listen for what they're talking about and listening for in need or want that either I may have or someone Occidental have great example that networking and the person was sharing with me 20 seconds into the conversation about how she had trouble getting our her apple devices or to communicate with each other, and soon, as she said, That's like, Oh, I know someone that can help you with that. So I asked her permission toe have one of the office in the first book, Dave Orebro, give her a call, follow up with her and see if he could be of help and fast for a week later, them to talking, who's that would help her. And now life is good. So

spk_0:   29:35
I'm just

spk_1:   29:35
looking for ways to connect people.

spk_0:   29:39
Now I want to stop right there because this is just how you roll. And I know that because we've we've known each other for what, four years now figures Something like that. And I see you do this all the time. And that's why in your introduction, I said, and somehow you keep all those details in your hat. Um, which is phenomenal. It's a true superpower. And look how gracefully you just said. Oh, that's what you have going on while I know who can help you with then and then you ask for permission. Would you mind if I introduced you to somebody that is gold? Because they're saying yes to you now, right? And we like it when people say yes to us. Yeah, it doesn't matter what the topic is, because now there's a pattern of when I talk with Mike. I'm going to say yes. Oh yes, that's how that works. So these two commercials are very different, aren't they?

spk_1:   30:46
I'm just kind of interesting because the first version giving the what are the emotion? What's important to you? What are you concerned with the problem? Identifying it with this solution, the plan and then closing it by? Let's get back together and talk because it's I believe so much in past serving first and been following up with kind of guiding it, the direction let it take its natural direction. I often get. But Matt, um I guess the example of creating a story in the importance behind that. It's like it's a very important to make sure it's concise, but at the end of the day, make sure that this story or the questions give you the ability to serve. Because nine times out of 10 I walk away from a conversation without really talking about what I do or what my business is. Because if I can help the person, I just did it

spk_0:   31:48
exactly find out what it is that they need. What's interesting. Them get into their world, right, because then they're going to remember that, and then you have access. Like when you asked if you could introduce these two people. Now you have access to that person no matter what. And they think that you're a superstar, right? Yeah. So every time you reach out, no matter what it is you intend to discuss, they're always going to say yes because you served them first.

spk_1:   32:22
Yeah. In fact, one of the data points they have on my, um, tracking sheet that I used for communication is once I make a connection, like the example adjusted earlier with the person who need help with their i t. And that was one of six that I did that week. I put the information down, and then a week or two later, I follow up the person and see, Were you able to talk the person? And I know they were because I talked to both sides. So I know the enemy's out, but they don't know. Right? So I then facilitate and guide the conversation to Oh, So you talked to someone. So how did everything go? Wonderful. I'm glad to hear that as a valued, trusted visor valued professional. It's my goal to help serve and guide the conversation in that way. So now, like you said earlier, creates that memory impactor that memory. Remember, bullets result in that. Now that I made the connection, my followed, I could make sure that their needs truly were served,

spk_0:   33:23
right. So I love this because this was such a simple practical example off how we add value and it opens up the opportunity for you to have that true 30 minutes or a little more comprehensive introduction because they're already receiving whatever it is you're saying. So it's, ah, a re great way to open a door to a new relationship and or continue relationship Money s Oh, thank you for that practical gold. Because here we could be talking about all sorts of wonderful things. Like, what do we call the marketing through metaphors, right and all that other stuff. But at the end of the day, this is how conversations can happen. That's simply and practically so. Mike, I know there's a 1,000,000 things you could talk about because we've done what about a dozen podcasts on the brilliant Breakthroughs podcast, Right? So there's more information out there, and you actually take a lot of this and break it down further to, um, share exactly how to do all this. So I love that. But if people want to get a hold of you right now because I'm sure they're saying Wow, there's some really good stuff here. How do they do that? Let us know. I wasn't. The

spk_1:   34:49
easiest way is go to the virtual training site that was talking about which is micro M I C R o Biz B i z cork dot com Go there and on the side. I don't really have a lot of really great resource is and additional courses and back to your 100 Reagan. You can find out where it lives off in there as well. It should be like Chinese food. A shamelessly plug it. But hey, it's a great course. You should check it out. And

spk_0:   35:17
well, that helps take care of performance. Pillar number four, which is about people and finding peace in our business. And if we show up, eating better will perform better. So if you ain't fair game

spk_1:   35:31
Very true. Very true. But yeah, Goto. My group is corp dot com, and I have a sketching out there. I have a lot of really great resource is as well as some of the things I talked on on this program. I go into a lot more detail,

spk_0:   35:49

spk_1:   35:49
as well as some great giveaways.

spk_0:   35:52
Okay, so, uh, you you did it. You delivered different ways. We can work on improving our profit, and they don't have to be complicated. And I love the fact that you started off with Volume one, the Blue Book. You have one body of knowledge in there to help with that and volume to the green book. You have another body of knowledge, and then you just dropped all this end. So thank you very much. And school? Yeah. Mike, you rocked it. Any last word that you'd like to share with everyone?

spk_1:   36:31
Nope. I think I'm good at this point of view of the questions. I'm always here for you. Private. Three most important words. I've learned that businesses give. Ask? You see, now I gave my ass. Could be if there's anything I can ever be of help with. I'm always here for you. And when I talk Joe,

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All right. So small business owners, we trust you found this wisdom sharing, insightful and have many golden nuggets to strategize. An implement to improve your business is profitability. We have links below for questions and comments. So until next time shine brightly. Is it up at the top? Mike, go up, sort of hover over that recording area.